Best Bikinis


Ok girls, we’ve all been there. You’re at the beach, pool, (or other public spot of choice), and your top suddenly feels…loose. Too loose, and a bit breezy.

Oh no…

Your heart drops as you come to the realization that yes, your swimsuit top really did just come untied.

Now variations of embarrassment range with the variability of the situation. If you’re lucky, no one notices and you’re able to quickly knot, double knot, triple knot, and chinese quadruple knot the snot out of your bikini with the hopes it won’t happen again. OR… we know where it goes from there. Only downhill.

Bikinis are good for lounging around in the sun, but what if you want to move around? What if you want to surf, swim, cliff jump, wave jump, or dive under the waters? You need a trusty bikini and one that won’t sacrifice style for function, but will also be dependable when you need it most.

cliff jumping bikini

So after many grueling years of critiquing swimsuits (as the hunt still continues) and hours scouring the lovely web for the best of the best, I compiled a list (in progress) of some great sites to check out before this next summer. It will continue to grow as I keep hunting, but for those of you in a quick pinch, here is some inspiration to get you going.

1. Keep It Classy

bw bikini

Find it here

black perforated bikini

and here

black wrap bikini

and here

white macrame bikini

and here

2. Add a Pop of Color

macrame bikini

Find it here

color block bikini

and here

color splashed bikini

and here

3. Go With Florals

floral bikini

find it here

floral bather

and here

tropical top

and here

4. Modest is Hottest

black high neck bikini

Find it here

flutter top

and here

crop top bikini

and here

Hopefully this narrows down the search just a little bit, and gives you ideas for what to rock this summer!


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